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Professor Joel Hayward, ZDaF, BA, MA Hons, PhD, FRSA, FRHistS

Born to Lead? Portraits of New Zealand Commanders


by Glyn Harper and Joel Hayward


(Exisle Publishing, 2003) ISBN: 0-908988-33-8



"Very readable ... This book is an important  contribution to our military history studies and to the study of the special nature of New Zealand command. For the potential leader it provides practical insights, but it has a wider audience. Be you student, historian or interested Kiwi, you will find this book is well worth reading."

-- Lt Gen Don McIvor, ret.

New Zealand Army News, 29 July 2003


"This is a ground-breaking collection of essays. ... All concerned, writers and editors, must be congratulated on the clarity and freshness of these essays. They are readable and well organised; there is no jargon and even the picture captions are interesting.

Born to Lead? is inspirational".

-- The Press, 6 September 2003


Is there a distinctive style of New Zealand command? An examination of New Zealand military commanders and the style of New Zealand command is long overdue, and this superb new book now fills the gap. In Born to Lead? Glyn Harper, Joel Hayward and a team of top military historians profile the most important commanders in New Zealand history, both Maori and Pakeha, from the nineteenth century to the recent past.


Each writer is an expert on the commander concerned, with the subjects drawn from all three arms of the defence forces: Army, Navy and Air Force. The commanders profiled are: Alexander Godley, Andrew Russell, Edward Chaytor, Keith Park, Bernard Freyberg, Howard Kippenberger, Peter Phipps, Harold Barrowclough, Arthur Coningham, Leonard Thornton, Maori Battalion commanders and commanders of the infantry battalions of the 2nd New Zealand Division.