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Back from Russia again

6 November 2005: I have just returned from another research trip to Volgograd, the former Stalingrad. My week was busy but very rewarding, thanks in large part to Historical Guide Evgeny Kulichenko. His details can be found below.

My intention is to place on this website my entire collection of 550 high-resolution colour photographs of Stalingrad's battlefields as a tribute to the courageous Russians who stoutly defended their city and communities.

Anyone can use the photos.

Watch this space!


[2007: My apologies: I still haven't found a way to fit these photos onto this site with its limited bandwidth. I'm working on it. - JH]

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I have just returned from ten days away with the British Army guiding them around Volgograd, the Russian city on the Volga River that, in 1942 and 1943, served as the backdrop of history¬ís largest and bloodiest struggle and one of its most strategically decisive events: the Battle of Stalingrad.


This battlefield tour involved intimate discussions with Stalingrad veterans, examinations of all key sites, and carefully focussed instructional presentations by expert guides.


I would like to offer my strongest praise for our excellent local guide, Evgeny Kulichenko, whose dedication, commitment to service and mastery of the region and its profoundly interesting history made our battlefield tour an entirely positive and truly memorable experience.


I encourage anyone wishing to see and experience the dreadful and overwhelming Stalingrad battlefields and sites to contact Evgeny and his wife Galina by email at:


Evgeny is able to tailor travel and battlefield tour packages to meet the needs of individuals and groups and novices and experts.


Please drop the Kulichenkos an email:

or visit their WEBSITE! [click that word for link]

-- 21 July 2005


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Battlefield Tour: Stalingrad / Volgograd


Dr Joel Hayward at Sovietsky, near Kalach, west of Volgograd. Kalach was the site of two of the eastern front's cataclysmic events: the German crossing of the Don River in August 1942 and the Soviet closure around the German Sixth Army in November 1942.