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Dr Vincent Orange


I am very saddened by news of Dr Vincent Orange’s passing. Although his mid-twentieth-century worldview, iconoclastic nature and larger-than-life personality undoubtedly had a huge and negative influence on the ways in which I came to perceive and was urged to express various historical issues in my 1991 MA thesis, I have always considered him to be a decent, kind and congenial man. He was a gentleman. Our friendship weakened over time as I reflected each year on the significantly painful consequences of my postgraduate years under his close tutelage, but I still remember him as a scholar of outstanding aptitude and a teacher of truly infectious enthusiasm. Theatrical in the classroom, with a mischievous and anti-establishment streak, he was extremely popular with students. His contributions to air power history are impressive — perhaps unequalled — and no historian of twentieth-century air power or the Allied military effort in the Second World War can afford to ignore his books.