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Professor Joel Hayward

Where I stand

I feel extremely happy to live in the peaceful and beautiful United Arab Emirates, a well-governed state in which Islam is a temperate, empowering and ennobling force which underpins the rights and dignity of citizens, expats and guests.

I stand fiercely opposed to all religious extremism. As a Muslim, I especially oppose extremism perpetrated in the name of Islam.

I unequivocally condemn all aggressive violence, persecution, murder and terrorism committed by Muslim individuals and groups and I consider the radicalised and violent expressions of Islam to be among the world’s worst current scourges.  

I firmly oppose and denounce the ISIS (the so-called Islamic State, or Da’ish), al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, al-Shabaab, the Taliban, the Muslim Brotherhood and groups like them, and I utterly reject the notion that their struggles or goals legitimately constitute jihad.

Professor Joel Hayward
     25 November 2014