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Kube Publishing released Splitting the Moon: A Collection of Islamic Poetry on 15 April 2012.


It can be purchased HERE.





"[Joel Hayward] is a very skilful and gifted poet whose way with words is impressive. His poems are easy to understand, highly pertinent and equally spiritually profound, that is to say, this collection of poems are much more than poetry; they also provide a powerful commentary on the social, political, moral and religious challenges and difficulties currently facing Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The fact that he is able to do this in an elegant, evocative and inspiring way is an added bonus. ... The poem titled The Voyage of a Scholar … is a beautiful example of how the poet is able to blend the personal, emotional, spiritual and existential dimensions of human experience, and do so without in any way over-playing or undermining any aspect. This is a very rare skill for a poet to possess. ... This is one of the best collections of Islamic poems I have read for some time; a must read for both Muslims and non-Muslims.”

-- Muhammad Khan
The Muslim News, Issue 276
Friday 27 April 2012
(5 Jumad al-Akhar 1433)




From the back cover:


Splitting the Moon, Joel Hayward’s second major collection, includes poems about his conversion to Islam from Christianity, his journey of faith, his experiences and observations as a British Muslim, and thoughts on the state of Muslims today. He writes his poetry daily to capture events in the way that some people keep a diary. The poems are therefore deeply personal, reflecting upon the ever-changing world around us.


“The poetry of Joel Hayward, grounded in his wide experience of the Islamic world and his deep study of Judaeo-Christian and Islamic scriptures, depicts a modern spiritual journey inspired by wonder and awe while engaging in undaunted self-questioning. This is a journey that embraces important facets of the everyday life of a Muslim: a highly personal response to the Qur’an, an exploration of religious psychology, and a reflection on problems within and surrounding the Muslim community. This volume offers a highly articulate meditation on the experience of faith in an increasingly problematic world.”

— Professor Rafey Habib, Rutgers University, author of Shades of Islam


“Joel Hayward's poetry is fascinating, deep, intelligent and beautiful. These evocative poems show verve and pathos and shed rich insight into the complexities of becoming and then living as a Muslim within a western society in which Islam is a minority religion.”

Shaykh Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, Founder and Patron, Minhaj-ul-Quran


“Joel Hayward’s poetic style is simple yet poignant: embodying many of the emotions that questions of faith and belonging evoke. He effectively explores the numerous intricate and complicated strands of religion and belief through a personal, introspective voice, which keeps the reader engaged. This is a unique and refreshing collection of poetry, reflecting on Islam in the 21st Century.”

— Sarah Joseph, Editor, emel



Splitting the Moon A Collection of Islamic Poetry by Joel Hayward Poet.

Splitting the Moon A Collection of Islamic Poetry by Joel Hayward Poet.

Splitting the Moon A Collection of Islamic Poetry by Joel Hayward Poet.