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Hardcover : ‎ 179 pages

ISBN-10 ‏: ‎ 1800119895

ISBN-13 : ‎ 978-1800119895

From the San Francisco Review of Books:

Star Rating: 5 / 5

"Learning from history is one reason humanity keeps advancing and achieving seemingly impossible feats. The Leadership of Muhammad: A Historical Reconstruction by Joel Hayward employs an objective approach to examining Prophet Muhammad as a leader. The book goes beyond just assuming his good character qualifies him as a good leader and employs a thorough analysis by exploring different angles, including Muhammad's leadership role in the military and the power structure he developed through it, his success as a religious leader with numerous converts, and his relationships with others, from the most powerful to the least popular. What new insights can be discovered from an exploration of Muhammad's role as a leader centuries ago and how will they benefit our current generation? Find out in Joel Hayward's groundbreaking book.

"It was interesting to find out that Muhammad believed "the main responsibility of a leader is to act as a shepherd," which shows humility. His courage inspired his followers, as he, sometimes, got right in the center of the battle and even got knocked out by a projectile on one occasion. I also learned a lot about Islam, its origin, and how it compares to other religions such as Christianity. That Christians prayed in a mosque in the early stages of Islam points to how people with different backgrounds can coexist peacefully regardless of their differences.

"I felt so much richer in knowledge after reading the book. Even the methods used to treat the subjects are worth learning, like the deductive reasoning used in explaining why Muhammad's good-naturedness does not automatically result to him being a good leader. The Leadership of Muhammad: A Historical Reconstruction is filled with events and practices from history, enriching readers with information and resources about the early days of Islam. I was confident about the information since the author is a celebrated historian and strategic studies scholar who makes use of "established methodology of the historical discipline." The book's critical approach will appeal to academic minds, although the language is simple and direct enough to carry all readers along.

"Humanity has been through several interesting phases, and I always find books that explore different times in history irresistible. Fortunately, The Leadership of Muhammad: A Historical Reconstruction did not disappoint because it's a great source of knowledge about Muhammad and the beginning of Islam. In fact, in addition to being historically informative, it offers valuable lessons about leadership that could help world leaders, decision makers, teachers, and people from all walks of life to communicate and lead better. Several noteworthy leadership qualities are extracted from Muhammad's exploits, of which many still have an impact today."

Reviewed by Foluso Falaye

The Leadership of Muhammad

Given the Islamic Prophet Muhammad’s immense impact on history, there are surprisingly few books that specifically analyze his leadership. The few that exist maintain that Muhammad was a wonderful leader because he was a wonderful man; that is, he succeeded in his mission because of his superior morality and personal qualities. 

Professor Joel Hayward sees this as an incomplete and almost inadequate explanation. He does not disagree that Muhammad was a moral and decent man. Yet he has approached the Prophet’s leadership from a different vantage point. He has scrutinized the earliest Arabic sources impartially according to the strict standards of historical inquiry in order to ascertain whether Muhammad’s conscious actions, behavior and methods can provide any substantial and meaningful insights about the effectiveness of his strategic leadership. Hayward concludes that Muhammad was an uncommonly astute, situationally aware and self-reflective man with the ability to create and communicate a believable strategic vision of a necessary and desirable future. When reinforced constantly by his emotionally intelligent, skillful and very hands-on leadership, his cleverly communicated vision persuaded increasing numbers of people to follow him and risk everything willingly in the struggle to make real the bold new world he foresaw. 

Hayward demonstrates through original, meticulously researched and rigorous analysis that Muhammad was “a profoundly effective leader”. This engaging, accessible yet deeply scholarly book makes a major contribution to both leadership studies and the Prophet’s biography.

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